29 September 2012

STOLEN to show at the International Amazigh Film Festival in Agadir, Morocco.

By Violeta Ayala and Daniel Fallshaw

It’s been 5 years since we were in North Africa filming STOLEN and we’re very proud to return to the region to present the film at the International Amazigh Film Festival in Agadir. This is the first time the film will show in Morocco, Western Sahara or Algeria.

We’d like to thank Rashid Bouksim for having the courage to invite STOLEN, he told us it’s been difficult to obtain permission to show the film in Morocco, but we’re happy to announce STOLEN will screen tonight and close the festival.

STOLEN deals with the continuing issue of black people living in slavery, a very thorny issue for governments in North Africa. Slavery still exists in many countries across North Africa as well as the Tindouf refugee camps and Western Sahara.

We hope this screening will be the first of many in the region. We made a promise to the people in STOLEN we would take their story to the world and STOLEN has shown at more than 80 film festivals around the world.

With Rashid Bouksim, the director of the International Amazigh Film Festival we’d like to thank the Institut International Pour la Securite et le Developpemnt from France for sponsoring the screening of STOLEN and making it possible for us to present the film.

Amazigh is the Berber word for ‘free man’ and as Matala says in STOLEN, the black people in the Sahara deserve their freedom and their struggle to be recognized, but the change must start here.





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